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graphicart_ronenglishA brilliant survey of a breed of artists who never seemed to ‘get’ the accepted purpose of contemporary art, which was to hang limply in the background of our unquestioning existence, patiently awaiting anointment into history at the auction house, but who opted instead to wilfully instigate a visually stunning, culturally engaged artistic revolution.
Ron English, Artist, USA

graphicart_savagepencilThe editors have tunnelled deep into counterculture’s underground warren to reveal a hidden world decorated with drug-induced graphic visions, rebellious poster art, anti-comics, code comix and freak show fine art – and unlock a box full of very dangerous looking toys. Their passionately compiled illustrated history of underground art, in all of its many beautifully warped guises, will further thrill those who are already enraptured by its uncanny charms, and amaze those who were previously unaware of its existence.
Savage Pencil, Artist, UK

graphicart_rwilliamsAcademics and art historians might despair of the legitimacy of underground and alternative art, and probably with good reason. Lowbrow art is hardly one of the greater known revolutionary art trends like the Pre-Raphaelites, Symbolists, Impressionists, Expressionists, Blue Writers or Dadaists. However, the seeds have been sown, and there is a good chance that in the future these fertile grains could be dragon’s teeth. This book explores this explosive phenomenon.
Robert Williams, Artist and Founder of Juxtapoz magazine, USA

nowthencoverArticulated through the cultured voices of Suzy Prince and Ian Lowey, this book threads the styles that have united a network of subcultures across geographical borders and distinct eras by piecing them together in a chronological framework… The 260 pages comprised of imagery and essay style prose provide an insightful and darkly humorous window into the lives and works of a revolutionary band of artists… As the introduction states, “This book by its very nature may contain imagery which some people may find to be in bad taste or even downright offensive. Indeed it is hope that this may be the case.”
Now Then magazine, issue 12 {excerpt}

design week logoWe like this…A lesson in seditious and subversive visual art and design…
Design Week (


totaltattoocoverA vault of drug-induced artistic visions from those rebellious souls who have refused to conform to the traditional limits of the artistic world… In my student days this is the book I would have stolen from the library.
Total Tattoo magazine, issue 121