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Ian Lowey

During the late 1990s, Ian co-ran a retail outlet on Camden Market specialising in imported American zines and magazines, cult books, comics, collectible toys and other countercultural ephemera. For many moons he also worked as a freelance journalist on various commercial publications and was the co-publisher / co-editor and art director of the internationally-distributed alternative arts and culture magazine, Nude. Most recently, he has completed an MA in Design and Art Direction at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Suzy Prince
Suzy left university with a useless degree in Combined Studies and a genuinely handy postgraduate diploma in Arts Management, headed to London, and with no experience, no money and no contacts, but full of the bravado of youth, decided to open an emporium and lowbrow art gallery, along with her brother, in Waterloo. ‘The Last Chance Saloon’ was featured in the top 15 of Time Out magazine’s Hip 100 list within a month of opening, and was the first space in the UK to exhibit Californian-style lowbrow art, courtesy of shows by Vince Ray, Coop, Frank Kozik and others. Since that time, Suzy has worked as a freelance journalist, writer, editor and lecturer. In 2003 Suzy joined forces with Ian to create Nude magazine: an alternative arts and culture magazine which reflected their own cultural passions.

Portraits are by Hammo.

To contact Ian or Suzy please email hello@thegraphicartoftheunderground.co.uk